Hello World! We're happy to announce Codescoop.

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Discover the Contours of Your Code

Codescoop is a software intelligence solution that provides analytics and visualizations about your organization’s code, including both your open source and private repos. It helps engineering teams make data-driven decisions about their projects, discover new libraries, and get change and project alerts.

Search and discover code
Find Code

Find components, libraries and frameworks. With a click, display components in the same category for easy comparison and selection.

Track Updates

Follow one or more projects to get alerts and news about changes to the project including new versions or vulnerabilities.

Project Analysis

Analyze two or more projects side-by-side to help narrow down what component(s) you want to work with.

OSS Radars

Build and share dashboards of projects you want to track over time.

Code Analysis
Dependency Analysis

Whether it’s open source or innersource, with a click you can view all the dependencies in a project or library.

Project Health

Easily analyze the “health” (commits, issues, popularity, etc.) of a component and compare community contributions.

License Discovery

Get a complete understanding of the licenses included with a project and its related dependencies before you begin building.

Connect Sources

Create dashboards for each project to stay informed of changes, view milestones, and see what's new with your stack.

Connect Data Sources

Connect your repos, issue tracker, CI/CD systems, documentation and more to provide even more data to power your team’s decisions.


Codescoop offers a well-documented REST API to consume legacy data or pipe Codescoop data into other systems.