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Get the Scoop on Your Code

Accelerate time to market, improve R&D efficiency, drive down technical debt, and analyze your OSS programs

See Your Stack in Beautiful High Definition

Get the big picture of your ever-changing software stacks to accelerate development, improve software quality, and tackle technical debt head-on. We combine data from your repos, new commits, and other internal sources with third-party data such as OSS code hosting sites, blogs, news, social, and more, to create a complete understanding of your code right down to every snippet.

Software Intelligence Graphing

See how your software stacks are changing day-by-day. Visualize data across all your repos to analyze risks, quality, contributors, history, and more.

visualize your code

Uncover and address technical debt, licensing changes and vulnerabilities through continuous analytics of your stack's thousands of OSS, innersource, and proprietary components.

analyze your code

Improve your team’s productivity and software quality by selecting the right FOSS components based on comprehensive benchmarks and data.

OSS analysis and software productivty

Data + Code =

Codescoop combines public metadata from popular systems with your internal repositories, build systems, issue trackers, and more, to build a comprehensive score about your code.

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Calling All Data

Codescoop already collects data from public data sources such as GitHub, NPM, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, StackOverflow, etc. Through our REST API, you can connect this external data with your own repositories and code management tools, issue trackers, CI/CD systems, and more, to build a complete overview of your code.

Software Intelligence for
Open Source and Proprietary Code Analysis

Codescoop gives you a complete view of your company’s repos so you can leverage code already in use, analyze contributions from your team or the broader community supporting your projects, and measure your strategic contributions. Here are just a few ways customers are using Codescoop today.

find and compare oss and private code

Find and Compare Code Faster

Search for OSS or innersource components, get objective analytics about the health of the code and community, get recommendations on similar libraries, and make well-informed decisions from the get-go.

improve software quality

Re-use Libraries toImprove Quality

By re-using components and libraries, your team can save time, ensure that you’re using open source code that already meets your compliance and governance policies, and ultimately get to market faster.

technical debt analysis

Get Daily Reports to Reduce Technical Debt

Codescoop reports on which components and libraries need updating and even recommend replacement components. You can stay on top of your stack to prioritize feature development for your next release.

measure OSS contributions

Measure Your OSS Program Contribution

Build a model to measure the the strategic contribution of your company’s open source programs. Codescoop gives you a dashboard of your company’s and your community’s contributions to open source projects.