See Your Stack in High Definition

Get the big picture of your ever-changing software stacks to accelerate development, improve software quality, and remain compliant. Codescoop takes a Big Data-like approach to clarify the complexity of your code. We combine data from your repos, new commits, and other internal sources with third-party data such as OSS contribution sites, blogs, news, and more, to create a complete understanding of your code right down to every snippet.


See how your software stacks are changing day-by-day. Visualize data across all your repos to analyze risks, quality, contributors, history, and more.


Uncover and address technical debt, licensing changes and vulnerabilities through continuous analytics of your stacks thousands of OSS, innersource, and proprietary components.


Improve your team’s productivity and software quality by selecting the right FOSS components based on comprehensive benchmarks and data.

Discover the contours of your code


Codescoop analyzes your software – open source, innersource, proprietary, or third-party source code – and combines that data with additional public data (blogs, Awesome lists, and more) to provide recommendations for your team.


Codescoop provides a complete analysis of every component in your current stack and analyzes any new commits. Codescoop displays stack health, shows you trends, tells you which code is at risk, and will even recommend new code to work with.


Codescoop provides vulnerability and licensing alerts for any significant changes in your code repos or software stacks you’re watching to help you maintain compliance and keep your code up-to-date.

Our team

Hello, world! We’re on a mission to reduce software complexity and improve software quality by giving companies data-driven insights into their ever-evolving stacks. Our team of seasoned executives and young upstarts have worked with software teams for years. We span two continents and more than eight countries.


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